Leslie is available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics including workplace wellness, self-care, mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, and more. Leslie will work with your unique needs to curate a workshop that will provide actionable steps for your employees. Contact below to book a talk for your company or group. 

Wellness Retreats

You work so much that you have little time to nourish yourself, your friendships, or your wellbeing. You are searching for a boost to your self-care routine that can create more sustainable practices despite your hectic schedule. You are looking to be surrounded by other individuals seeking more clarity and peace in their work week. Contact below to get more information about planning or attending a retreat.

Let's Work Together


"Leslie's presentation on self-care wowed my mastermind group. By the end of it everyone had good, actionable take-aways they could use immediately to help improve balance in their lives in a way that was personalized to their current needs. Leslie gave amazing value in her presentation, was very engaging, and the whole thing was helpful and fun. Highly recommend!" --Rebecca, Small Business Owner

"Both Leslie & Cayla provided unique insight based on their areas of expertise that I'll definitely be taking with me. It was a super fun, positive and informative experience and I'd highly recommend attending whether you're a mindfulness beginner or veteran!" --Nicole, Software Sales Executive

"I live a busy, fun-filled New York City life doing fun things always and traveling often. Unfortunately I don't often take time to reflect and let these experiences resonate with me. I really enjoyed taking this time to think about my life on a deeper level. I've tried (some days more successfully than others) to bring this mindfulness into my daily routine." --Emily, Web Designer

"I loved the program that Cayla and Leslie put together. I could have hung out with them for way more than the allotted hour and a half. I felt so comfortable and pleased that I was spending time with like-minded people. I have put into practice many tips that I learned in the workshop and will continue to do so for a long time." --Rebecca, Art Editor