In an effort to help you take your mindfulness practice a step further and into your daily life, here are a few resources.                                                                                    

Amazon Store                                                                                                                         

The Talking Outside the Box Amazon store is filled with books and tools that you can use to practice more mindfulness in your daily life. 

Know Yourself Better to Give Yourself the Best: A Guide to Self-Care                                                   

This e-book will give you tips & tricks on how to practice more meaningful self-care in your daily life. Click here to sign up and get the e-book straight to your inbox.

Mindful Reading began as a way to engage readers of the Mindful Living blog in a monthly virtual book club. A book is chosen at the end of each month and a synopsis with key points is written at the end of the month. Books range from self-care, to self-help, to motivational & inspirational and everything in between.