Moving Into A Spring Mindset

We have sprung forward as of March 12th with the changing of the clocks and March 20th marks the first official day of the Spring season. Each year without fail I get ridiculously excited for these seasonal changes, Spring especially.

Spring comes with so many positive connotations: renewal, youth, new life, awakening, and transformation. We might not realize how deeply we are effected by these changes or metaphors, but if we look a little deeper we can see how in small ways the seasons affect us all.

The winter season creates shorter days. Less sunlight naturally affects our energy levels. Growing up in Florida I did not have to worry about cold weather. Winters in the Southeast actually had more of an energizing effect than anything else. Being up North now, my energy levels dramatically dip when the time "falls back" and the sun sets at 4:30pm. 

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When the Winter Blues Hit

February is the hardest month of winter for me. It is dreary, bleak, and dark--both literally and figuratively. It is like the Monday's of months. If you live in the North or somewhere with seasonal changes, chances are that you feel this way too. The winter blues do not have to hit so hard when you prepare yourself with mental fuel and perspective.

The changes that we feel in the winter are very real. For most, the days are shorter, the temperature is colder, and the motivation of the New Year has worn off. Without fail, each year I hit a point in February where I have the sudden compulsion to hop on a plane to a tropical island. This year, I am looking at it more clinically.

Whenever anything has a pattern it becomes easier for us to predict and, therefore, to fix. I often hear people tell me that this winter blues pattern occurs every year for them as well, and yet we do not do anything to fix it. It is as if we know we cannot control the weather, so we succumb to the feelings that go along with the season.

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Combating End of Summer Blues

We only have a few precious weeks of summer left and everyone is already freaking out. Maybe we did not get to accomplish all that we wanted to or maybe we had too much fun and we are not ready for it to be over. Either way, spending any more energy on dreading summer's end is taking time away from your enjoyment of these final days. 

I come from the land of the perpetual summer: Florida. There's no change in temperature year round other than brief occasional "cold fronts" aka 70° for a couple days. Regardless of this, there was still an essence about summer. Freedom, travel, special activities, time with friends: summer brings out wonderful things that we seem to lack in other seasons. 

Perhaps it begins in our formative years where summer means no school, camp, and fun. This, of course, means that summer closing signifies the end of all of those great things.  Well, we are adults now and save for the few friends that are school teachers, all of us work throughout the year. Yet, summer still has this magnificent hold on us. And I wonder why?

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