In the Face of Challenge, Be Kind

My goal for this month was to write about transition and how often times, the transitioning of the seasons can become in sync with other transitions in our lives. Transition periods can present challenges that are difficult to manage and overall can be hard to accept. Instead of focusing so much on this version of transitions, I have chosen to include ways to navigate through the stormy seas that we as Americans have been sailing through since last week. 

Last week's blog encouraged readers to be the change that you wish to see in the world. I firmly believe this to be true and to have major positive impacts not just on an individual's life but on the lives around them. This week I want to continue that idea but with a little more direction.

Some of us have lost our direction in the face of this election. It has been hard to understand where to go from here. I do not promise to have the answers or that these suggestions will work for you, but it is my hope that the answers I have come up with for myself will resonate with some of you and provide some hope.

  • Being Kind: In the face of challenge, specifically the challenge of transition, I encourage you first to be kind. Kindness begins from within and can then extend to others. I know it might seem strange to focus on yourself first, especially when people are wanting to band together. Turning kindness inwards will allow us to be more kind to one another. Allow yourself the time to figure out what this transition means for you and then, show kindness.

Whether it is a smile, holding a door for someone else or giving a hug to someone in need, these gifts cost nothing and yet they can have such a large impact on those around us. When we are kind to one another, we can feel less alone, and more connected to one another. If you are starting small, you can always be kind.

  • Doing Acts of Kindness: If you are looking for bigger ways to embody kindness, think about what you can do in your life that will make an impact. I find it helpful to have a basis of understanding about what causes are most important to me that I can easily have an impact on. Know that even small things that you do in your personal life can have positive effects on bigger problems. 

Think about the things that start in the home. Maybe you begin recycling more and making small but substantial efforts to help the planet. Perhaps you begin teaching your children about how they can be more kind to others. Even if you are choosing to see differences of opinion with eyes of love rather than hate, the smallest things can often times make the biggest impact in the long run.

  • Spreading Kindness: If you need really big ways to spread kindness, think about causes that are particularly important to you and look for local organizations that you can support. Consider areas in your community where your acts of kindness will band together with others to make an exponentially larger impact. Maybe you make the time to volunteer or find other ways to give your time, energy, and resources.

I will remind you that you can absolutely be the change, but you have to start somewhere. If we take issue with something, let's do something about it! Start from where you are at now and if that place only allows you to give something small, at least be kind.