Why I Always Recommend Movement

Whether you have been reading Mindful Living for a while or are a new comer, you have seen that I recommend moving, getting outside, and being active a lot. I am, after all, a movement-based therapist providing walking sessions. While I will not go so far as to coin movement a cure-all, I will say that it is incredibly powerful.

Research shows that inactivity is at the root of so many health issues: cardiovascular disease, obesity & weight gain, depression and anxiety. These are serious concerns that are easily remedied with one thing: movement! It could be walking, jogging, running, dancing, skating, swimming, hiking, biking, yoga...the list could quite literally go on and on. 

There has been a cultural shift away from being outside, playing as children, walking from place to place. These things have been replaced with more screen time, increased work hours, and a stress upon filling the hours of the day with more productivity while letting our health take a back seat. 

I do not work with clients that experience health conditions as a primary concern. The clients I work with are mostly young, professional, active people. However, that activity is limited to the gym and tied to weight maintenance or health goals. Let me be clear, this is not a bad thing! It is wonderful that I get to work with young people who prioritize the gym.

Allow me to clarify, movement does not need to be limited to just the gym or solely tied to a workout routine. Movement for the sake of our physical health only checks off a couple of boxes. I know several people who can move their bodies at the gym but still experience a load of stress.

Mindful and intentional movement is the difference. Movement at the gym hits all those physical needs, but the emotional needs might not get met as easily. We may need to set some intention to give our mind a break, gain some mental space from a stressful moment or environment, and take that movement to the next level.

When we allow ourselves to move solely for the sake of not being inactive or stagnant throughout our day, we can breathe new life into ourselves.

  • Our mind becomes unstuck and greatly benefits from a change of scenery
  • Being present creates new neural pathways which can improve stress management
  • If we can get outside, the fresh air provides immunity boosting properties
  • A little bit of sunshine can boost our mood and give valuable vitamins

Next time you are feeling as though you have not gotten up and moved all day, take a little walk. Ask a co-worker to walk the office with you or, better yet, head outside for a walk around the block. Turn on your jam and have a little dance party. Go outside and smell the roses. Add the intention of giving yourself some mental and emotional space to be free as well. 

If you're in need of working through some deeper blocks and feel you would benefit from movement-therapy, contact me today for a session.