We're Featured on My Italy

For the past 3 months many of you have been following along as we ventured to Italy. This travel blog has served to update friends and family on our adventures and to be a bit of a distraction from being professional on my Mindful Living blog. Until today! 

Today, I'm excited to be sharing with more people who share our love of Italy and have an interest in farming thanks to My Italy! I reached out to Maria from My Italy months ago to see about guest blogging. Today she shared our story on her page and blog. Here's a clip:

"Sometimes when I am dirty, smelly, and beyond sore I wonder why I am doing this. I had a cushy, well paid office job with air conditioning and now I am working as a farmer for free?!

But then I look around at the hills, the greenery and everything we have worked so hard to plant and maintain and I have no regrets. I feel pride in the creation of the garden, largely planted and maintained by my husband and I. I feel fulfilled in growing and eating the food that I have watched develop after planting it only weeks before."

This month I'm sharing my "Lessons from the Farm" blog series here! Thanks for keeping up with our travels, new readers and old. I look forward to sharing more as we travel throughout Europe!