Hoping For Change

What a beautiful spring morning it is here in NYC! I love the way people’s energy visibly changes when they can finally see the hope of change, in this case seeing winter morph into summer. But there’s also that glimmer of hope that I get to see in people when they’re making positive change in their lives. There is a shift in a person’s energy, from hopeless to hopeful. In therapy, we call it insight but what that really means to me is understanding.

Gaining an understanding of yourself might mean looking from the outside in, seeing things objectively; finally seeing something after it’s pointed out to you again and again, but without self-judgment; or just accepting that you want things in your life to be different, better, happier. Once we understand that the way we are or have been doesn’t necessarily mean that is who we will always be, change is possible, growth becomes possible.

So today, on this glorious, sunny spring day, I ask of you and myself: what change are we hoping for right now? Is it something that is possible? If so, take steps towards that change and embrace the new spring energy!