What 'Talking Outside The Box' Means

I believe in the use of spiritual and holistic practices that are not readily used in traditional counseling. I hope to touch on many of these practices, tools, and tips throughout my posts and give advice that I often find myself giving to clients.

I’ve created the term and site ‘Talking Outside the Box’ as a way to refer to getting out of the routines and away from the four-walled-box that is a typical therapy room. These things are limiting and traditional practices do not always meet the needs of someone trying to make significant changes in unique ways. So I propose that we have counseling sessions ‘Outside the Box.’ By changing the setting from indoors to outdoors, I hope to challenge my clients to take steps towards goals in a way that is meaningful and realistic.

I want to help clients create a practice of being present, aware, and non-judgemental in daily life. Doing this will allow clients to be in the moment, find balance, and gain a better understanding about what they want out of life so they are able to achieve it. It is my belief that anyone can have peace and happiness and I love helping people along their journey to find it. So here begins my journey to get outside the box and take steps throughout NYC, finding awareness, focus, and positivity in unlikely places.