A Thank You to Mothers: The Strong Women They Raise & The Men Who Appreciate Them

This week celebrates mothers around the world! We want to celebrate ours and dedicate this post to them: Janet & Donna. We love you and we would not be here without you. It is with your love, support, and encouragement that we are able to be who we are.  

My mother raised me to be independent. She never discouraged my outspoken nature. I learned to be sensitive, compassionate, and free-spirited through her. It was never imposed upon me that I should act or behave a certain way other than who I was. I see the value in that as an adult. I am a strong-minded, strong-willed woman and I thank my mom for helping me to become the person I am today. 

At no point has my husband ever discouraged me from being the strong woman I am. This is probably due in part to being raised by a strong woman himself. She fully supports Brian in all that he does. This trait has become his nature and it is one I value tremendously in our relationship. 

Through the nurturing of our mothers, we learn about love and compassion. In turn, we eventually learn how we need to be cared for in relationships. In my relationship, I have learned that I need support and encouragement from my partner. Thankfully, my mother-in-law raised a supportive, caring "modern man" who can be and is that partner. 

Thank you to all the mothers out there raising strong women and the modern men who love them! A special thanks to my mom and my mother-in-law.