Finding Common Ground in Relationships: Leslie

When I first proposed the idea of writing together to Brian he was totally up for it. I wanted it to be something we could both easily speak to. I asked him what he believed we could write about regarding our relationship and the things that make it work well. I was pleasantly surprised by his answers which will be the next two blog topics. 

This week, we will each be sharing our thoughts on finding the common ground: common hobbies, passions and interests. Next week we will be talking about the opposite: our differences. Each week we will publish my perspective and then follow-up a few days later with his. Thanks, Brian for the excellent idea!

Common interests are often what draw couples to one another in the first place. Whether it is from an online profile or friends setting you up or even a random meeting, chances are you are with someone because you have something in common. 

For us, it was our love for food, adventures, outdoors, and animals (mostly my dog, Betsy) that helped us to initially bond. What has happened over the past nine years is that those interests have developed into a lifestyle that has helped us to stay connected and strengthen our relationship. Whatever the commonality, it is the glue that holds relationships together. Whether friendships or intimate relationships when things are shared, even if it is just a lot of history, a bond develops.

The role that food plays in our relationship is significant. Yes, most people enjoy eating, but we are of the "foodie" crowd. We enjoy looking at all types of food, grocery shopping, prepping, smelling, tasting, admiring food, and then talking about it in detail afterwards. Another very important part of our relationship is our adventurous spirits and desire to be active and outdoors. Our love for the outdoors became a way that we love to experience the world together. Our passion to travel has allowed us to experience different places in a similar way and has taken us across the globe to Italy.

This is one of the key things all relationships need. The spice, if you will. These shared interests, hobbies, and passions have given us the chance to keep our relationship interesting and exciting even if what we are doing is routine. I encourage you to find your mutual spice, your relationship's passion, and dive into that. Brian and I can always opt for an adventure or fondly remember our experiences from the past. The counterpoint of the spice, because balance is always necessary, is to just be happy together. Be content where you both are, whether it is adventuring or watching Netflix on the couch. Finding common ground on your Netflix preferences is, of course, equally as important!